Music school information (English)

Welcome to DFK Music School!

We are pleased to offer you unparalleled quality music instruction. Whatever your instrument, level, goals, style or age, we will direct you to the right person to meet your needs. Our qualified and experienced staff are among the world’s elite in terms of music education.

Lessons can be given in French, English, Spanish and even other languages depending on the teacher. Take advantage of our music theory and ear training courses which are suitable for beginners as well as advanced students and also the free educational capsules in our back to school section.

On a more personal note, DFK founder and internationally renowned drummer/educator Eric Boudreault and myself, Joel Fortin, director, are very pleased to welcome you to our unique, dynamic and cutting edge music education school. Our mission is truly to help each student in their personal journey to maximize their results and deepen their knowledge of the instrument as well as to make the pleasure of playing music even greater! (Because let’s be honest, the better it gets, the more fun it is to play!) We are really here to help you, in your needs, according to your tastes and your learning speed! Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our services. The entire DFK school team is here for you!

Sincerely, Joel Fortin Director of the DFK Music School